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Dance with Zazou : Con Calma - Daddy Yankee (Dance Tutorial)
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Zazou Veda Diana Mall was born in Zurich, Switzerland where she grew up with her younger sister and her parents. Her mother is an active jazz singer and former dancer and music school teacher from the United States of America. Her father is Swiss, he is an active musician a passionate saxophonist and a former teacher at the Kunsthochschule Zurich.

Zazou Mall had exposure to music at an early age and learned to dance, sing and play the piano. She attended the famous Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center school in New York City and financed her dance and music education through being a dance teacher and modeling jobs. After completing her training, she returned to Zurich and taught in a dance school which she is still teaching till now.

She became known to the general German speaking public through her participation in the RTL Television casting show 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' in 2011, which is Germany’s version of American Idol. In 'DSDS' she took sixth place. In 2012 Zazou Mall released her first single 'Mission', which became a Top 10 urban download song in Switzerland. This was followed by the singles 'I Love You' and 'Rise' as well as numerous appearances in Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Zazou startet her own clothing Brand called Veda which she launched in November 2021. She loves Fashion and worked in various Designer Boutiques and is happy to start her own Brand.


Zazou is also involved in charities, such as the 'Save the Children' Organisation and loves to work and help with the Youth of Today.

Zazou Mall maintains active social media accounts on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook where she has over 300K followers collectively and she is currently working on new projects and videos for her fans!♡